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Developments for Eco-Dam
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We are one of the world's largest producers of Keder, with sales and warehousing operations in every corner of the globe. Our Keder is used on tented and tensile structures, billboards, posters and banners, truck sides, yacht sails and many more applications.

Our Keder is made from a core, generally PVC, with a slit PVC coated fabric wrapped around it. The process of fusing the two components is known as High Frequency / Radio Frequency Welding. Through years of development, we are stocking regular tent Keders from 4mm through to 13mm diameter with the PVC rod.

We also offer a range of REPAIR Keder for replacing worn Keders on tented structures and frame tents.

Our Keder is available form a variety of sources worldwide; please refer to our contacts page to find your nearest distributer.

Please refer to our leaflet for more information: