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With more and more companies preparing to return to work, the need for protective equipment suitable for providing a safer working environment is more important than ever.

J & J Carter design, manufacture and supply Temporary Structures for Overflow Accomodation and Storage, Personal Protective Equipment for workplaces such as warehouses, offices and face-to-face services such as shops and hospitality.

Back to Work Solutions - Temporary Structures

Temporary Structures & Accomodation

We offer a variety of temporary structures on a rental, lease or sale basis. The modular Structures vary in size from 2m to 25m wide with side heights from 2.4m to 4.2m.

The structures can be built to any specification. Basic structures will have soft side walls and single layer roof, whereas our insulated structures will have solid walls and our double layer thermal

Typical applications include : Covered Walkways, Security & Vehicle Checkpoints, Overflow Accomodation such as Classrooms, Temporary Offices, Storage, Canteens, Sanitation Areas.

Our structures can be tailored and fitted out to provide the same levels of comfort found in traditional buildings. Heating and air-conditioning, lighting, ventilation and many other options are available.

hospitality tents

Social Distancing Hospitality Solutions

With cafés, pubs and restaurants allowed to re-open their establishments from the 4th July, establishments will need to consider how to implement social distancing and a safe experience for their clients.

At J & J Carter, we can provide a number of options, including temporary structures, tensile canopies, gazebos and segregation screens.

Our products are custom built to suit your establishment, helping you to re-build your business in during these unprecedented times.

Back to Work Solutions - Clear Portable Protective Guard

Clear Portable Protective Guard

Made from high quality clear PVC vinyl sheeting, mounted onto an aluminium frame, our portable shields are great for desks, workshops and are available as a freestanding option for portable desk partitioning.

These personal transparent shields protect staff in shops and retail, offices, cafés and bars, banks and many other environments where face-to-face contact is required.

The mounted clear personal shields are available in sizes 700mm high x 1000mm / 1500mm / 2000mm wide, and the floor mounted option is 2000mm high x 2000mm wide.

Back to Work Solutions - Clear Screen Dividers and Work Place Partition Systems

Clear Screen Dividers and Work Place Partition Systems

For use across a wide variety of applications and environments, J & J Carter’s clear industrial partitioning systems can be used to divide office workers, work stations in bays and booths, as well as dedicated clean work areas.

Our partitions and divisions are a simple system, designed to be suspended from the ceiling, built using the highest performing materials that can be easily cleaned. 

Available up to 6m, with the option to add access doors that can be integrated into your temporary shelter, as well as standalone and building-integrated options available.

clear office partitions

Suspended Workplace Shields

J & J Carter's workplace shield is a partitioning system that can be easily fastened to any suspended ceiling system.

Made from a 0.5mm flame retardent clear PVC with a reinforced perimeter border in a colour of your choice. The screen can be weighted and allows a small gap to enable meeting participants to exchange documents.

Standard size is 1800mm wide x 1600mm high. Customised sizes can be made.

Back to Work Solutions - Full-Face Clear Visor

Full-Face Clear Visor

Our clear face shields have been designed and manufactured to protect individuals who are working in close proximity with others, helping prevent the spread of harmful viruses.

Guarding the entire face down to the neck, our personal protection masks prevent the spread of viruses and infection by protecting the eyes, nose and mouth.

Made from a 0.5mm flexible clear PVC with a PVC webbing headband and Velcro fasteners for adjustable comfort. Our clear personal protection face masks are easy to wash and disinfect, making these face masks an economical and environmentally friendly way to protect workers and staff.

Prepare your Workplace for the Return to Normality

Safely return your employees back to work with our protective equipment, manufactured and built in the UK. For more information, get in touch with our expert team.