Emergency Temporary Structures

During these challenging times, J & J Carter recognise the importance of adapting and evolving to accommodate the needs of businesses and individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the last 6 weeks of lockdown, companies have started to consider the changes that will need to be made in order to prepare for the gradual return to normality. This will involve adapting your workplace to help implement social distancing, and perhaps even expanding with temporary structures and storage.

Now is the best time to consider the changes you’re going to make to safely reintroduce your staff back into your offices or factory.

This is where J & J Carter comes in. With over 32-years of experience designing and manufacturing tensile structures and covers, J & J Carter can supply you with ingenious products that provide S.M.A.R.T. solutions.











emergency response shelter

Temporary Emergency Structures

J & J Carter offer a variety of modular temporary structures and tents available on a rental, lease or sale basis. Our modular structures vary in size, starting at 2m to 25m wide with heights of 2.4m to 4.2m.

Our structures can be tailored to suit a variety of situations, from emergency services to warehouse and commercial use. We can add heating and air-conditioning, lighting, ventilation and many other necessities into your temporary accommodation, providing the same levels of comfort found in traditional buildings.

If your company needs

  • Covered walkways
  • Security and vehicle checkpoints
  • Temporary offices
  • Additional storage
  • Canteens and additional common areas
  • Sanitation and triage areas
  • Drive through canopies

Or any form of emergency temporary structure your business requires. J & J Carter can build and manufacture a robust and adaptable solution to your specifications.

We have structures ranging from basic with soft sidewalls and a single layer roof, to our insulated structures boasting from insulated, solid walls and our double layer thermal roof.

Whether you need to rent, lease or buy a modular structure, J & J Carter are here to help you return to normality within your business.

workplace partitions

Work Place Partitions and Divisions Systems

Ideal for a large variety of applications and environments, our industrial partitioning systems can be used as welding bays, spray booths, clean work areas and much more.

Our partitions and divisions are a simple system, designed to your application, built using the highest performing materials that can be easily sanitised. 

Full height partitioning up to 6m, with access doors that can be integrated into your temporary shelter, as well as standalone and building-integrated options available.

portable sheilds

Portable Shields

Our portable shields are made from high quality clear PVC vinyl sheet, mounted onto an aluminium frame. These shields are available as a mounted version, suitable for desks and worktops and a versatile free-standing option. 

These personal transparent shields offer protection for employees in shops and retail, offices, cafés and bars, banks and many other environments where face-to-face contact is required.

The mounted clear personal shields are available in sizes 700mm high x 1000mm / 1500mm / 2000mm wide, and the floor mounted option is 2000mm high x 2000mm wide

clear face visors

Clear Face Visors

J & J Carter’s clear face visors are designed to protect individuals who are working in close contact with others or with harmful substances.

Guarding the entire face down to the neck, our personal protection masks aid in preventing harmful substances encountering the eyes, nose and mouth.

Our clear personal protection face masks are made from a 0.5mm flexible clear PVC with a PVC webbing headband and Velcro fasteners for adjustable comfort. Easy to wash and disinfect, these face masks are an economical and environmentally friendly way to protect the face and neck.

J & J Carter for When You’re in Need

Our highly customisable, adjustable and robust solutions are here to help you accommodate to any business needs, expand working environments and set up additional areas for work, whilst keeping your teams and colleagues safe and abiding by the current guidelines. 

If you have any questions or want to order a temporary structure, get in touch with J & J Carter.