Internal Partitioning

Our internal partitioning systems are designed for large areas and workshops where a high quality solution is required to transform your space. 

Offering complete versatility and using a modular system, we can divide workhouses into smaller cubicles and create private work areas. This creates a completely bespoke design, suitable to meet your specific requirements.

As well as providing a cleaner and tidier environment, our modular internal partitioning systems also offer a more cost effective solution. By sectioning off redundant work spaces, you can reduce heating costs and benefit from the space that you use.

We custom make and design the internal partitioning systems to suit our client specifications. They can also be used externally to create outer walls and doors.

  • Allows larger areas to be segregated into smaller work spaces
  • Reduced cross contamination within manufacturing environments
  • Improved employee health & safety
  • Increased productivity
  • Easy to install, dismantle, and relocate
  • Economical
  • Easily extended and re-configured
  • Can be modular in design and tailored to interface with specific material handling and processing operations
  • Full range of fabric panels available to meet a variety of unique requirements
  • Velcro or fixed mechanical fastening options
  • Optional access/door panels
  • Low maintenance