Sailing Keder

In 2012, J & J Carter introduced a new line of fully welded sailing keder, also known as luff tape.

These luff tapes offer enhanced qualities over the traditionally sewn luff tapes and are available in two style; single-core and twin-core.

The tape is made from high-tenacity, high-density weave 1100 dtex polyester with a PVC coating on the inside of the flaps. This specially-engineered weave style provides superior low friction sliding in the luff track, thus reducing wear on the luff. 

The seams or pinch welds are all created using high-frequency welding systems. This system guarantees continuous weld performance through the entire roll.

The primary cores are made using a specially designed hard laid polyester rope with low elongation. The secondary core used on the twin core luff tapes is a virgin grade PVC monofilament. 

All the above are available in our standard coil lengths of 300 metres. For sail makers requiring shorter lengths, these can be procured through our distributors.

Call 01264 721630 for details or email us at [email protected].