Military Shelters & Covers

J & J Carter provide a range of military tent shelters and covers. These products and solutions offer a reliable form of compliant and safe shelter using the latest in shelter system technology.

Our range of military shelters and military covers are designed ready for fast deployment and can be quickly erected anywhere in the world when needed.

Military Products

J & J Carter manufacture and supply military covers & military shelters to the defence market. We supply a range of military products that are easily deployable, transportable and lightweight, all suitable for a range of different environments and climates.

Military Shelters & Covers
CE Accredited

Key Benefits

Our military covers & military shelters provide a range of benefits to suit your requirements.

We understand that sometimes in the military, it is not always a possible to take time to put up a military shelter or treatment centres. We make our structures easy deployable and versatile.

Our fully certified military solutions provide a range of benefits...

Military Shelter Benefits

Typical Applications

We design and manufacture a range of high quality military structures to suit all applications.

Whether you require a more permanent, safety point for ID and vehicle checks or if you need accommodation that is easily deployable within minutes - we can fulfil your requirements.

Typical Applications
Products Deployed in

Worldwide Installation

J & J Carter have designed, manufactured and supplied military covers and shelters worldwide for the military.

Our products are engineered to be high quality, easily deployable and lightweight to ensure transportability.

We have provided military covers & shelters in:

  • Afghanistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Jordan
  • Russia
  • Austria

If you would like more information about our deployment of military solutions, please get in touch.


Project Showcase

RAF Lakenheath

RAF Lakenheath for U.S Airforce

The U.S. Air Force required a service entrance to the base to have weather protection for vehicle searches.

Farnborough Airshow for Eurofighter.

Farnborough Airshow for Eurofighter

Our client called upon J & J Carter's expertise to design and manufacture the tensile fabric canopy element.

DSTL Vehicle Canopy

DSTL Porton Down

J & J Carter provided a turn-key solution including full structural design with site specific calculations.

National Railway Museum

National Railway Museum

One of the key structures of the museum, housing trains for display, had deteroriated over time and required replacement fabric that would incoporate modern technologies for longevity purposes.