Rochdale Council Highways Depot Saltbarn

Rochdale Council
Fabric Roof Membrane

Case Study Info

Location United Kingdom
Industry Industrial
Structures Frame Supported
Roof Forms Planar

Rochdale Council required a Saltbarn to store 5000 tonnes road salt at their Princess Street Depot. J & J Carter were contracted by Kaberry Construction to design, manufacture and install the tensioned fabric roof membrane. J & J Carter also assisted with the detail design of the steel frame to resolve the fabric interfaces.

The 1400m2 roof was made in one piece, weighing approximately 1500 Kg. Each gable end wall was made also made as a single 130m2 membrane.

Fabric selected was a Mehler 900gsm PVC with an Acrylic Lacquer for protection. This material offers a 10 Year Warranty.