Keder Solutions

Keder is a fast, easy and secure mounting system for mounting temporary and permanent structures, clearspan structures, large-scale banners and signage and more. 

J & J Carter pride ourselves on offering the highest quality Keder products and accessories, servicing the Tenting, Printing & Marine Industry. Our products allow you to create sleek, strong and polished finished products, providing the maximum impact with effortless installation. 

Our Keder is made from a core, generally PVC, with a slit PVC coated fabric wrapped around it. The process of fusing the two components is known as High Frequency or Radio Frequency Welding. Through years of development, we are manufacturing and stocking regular tent keder products from 4mm through to 13mm diameter with the PVC rod.

We also offer a range of repair keder products for replacing worn keders on tented structures and frame tents. Our Keder products are available form a variety of sources worldwide; please get in touch with us today for more information.


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What is Keder?

Keder is a fast, easy and secure mounting system for  PVC tents and tensile structures

Keder is attached to fabric to create a continuous waterproof connection between fabric and frame. To fully understand even the simplest keder application, there is a great deal of technical information to master. Discover more here. 

What is Keder?

Tent Keder

Tent keder is used as an attachment mechanism that connects PVC sheeting to a rail or tented structure. 

If you are unsure which keder size if suited to your structure, we can advise accordingly. Let us help you with our keder solutions, contact us today. 

More about Tent Keder

Keder for Banners

Keder fixes printed fabrics to aluminium frames in large format printing for both PVC banners and textile frames.

With a range of different uses, J & J Carter will find a solution to fit your requirements. 

Keder for Banners and Signage

Awning Keder

Our Awning Keder is made from a lightweight 7x7 construction Keder fabric.

It is typically used on caravans, shop awnings and canopies, banners and billboards.

More Uses of Awning Keder

Sailing Keder

In 2012 we introduced a new line of fully welded sailing keder, also known as luff tape. 

These luff tapes offer enhanced qualities over the traditionally sewn luff tapes and are available in two styles, single core and twin core - custom made to suit your requirements.

Benefits of Sailing Keder

Repair Keder

All of our Repair Keders are available in our standard coil lengths of 150 metres.

To replace a worn Keder using our Repair Keder system please view the repair procedure on our page.

View The Repair Procedure

Keder Rails 

We stock mill finish aluminium Keder Rails which can be fitted to your structures.

We also hold stock of our own structure extrusions which can be used as structural members.


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