Insulated Structures

With growing demands for thermally efficient structures we have two components designed to reduce your energy consumption. These insulated components are perfect for both semi-permanent and permanent installations including classrooms, medical centres, sports halls, venues, and storage solutions.

This video shows an installation of a 20m x 30m structure, built by Inside Outside Marquee Hire for Brentford Football Club.


Insulated Roof Coverings_1

Our insulated roof coverings use a double layer PVC membrane, drastically improving thermal performance of a temporary structure, while using the air as a natural insulator. 

We measure this performance using a metric called the U-value, measured in W/m²K. This refers to the thermal transmittance of a material, calculated using the rate of transfer of heat through a structure (which can be a single material or a composite), divided by the difference in temperature across that structure. The better insulated a structure is, the lower the U-value will be.

Single skin PVC structures normally have a U-value of around 4.92, compared to just 2.33 using double layer roof covering, and can be further reduced to 1.44 when a triple layer is used. Along-side improved thermal performance, a lower U-value results in lower running costs and quieter structures.

Insulated Roof Coverings_2


With special Low-E formulation, we can reduce the energy costs required to heat your structure even further. Using Low-E membranes during the winter in conjunction with a double layer roof design, energy required to heat the space to a frost protection temperature of 5°C can be reduced by 65%. Meanwhile in the summer months, Low-E double layer membranes reduces the energy needed to cool the space to a desired maximum temperature of 26°C by 50%.

Users of structures with Low-E and multi-layer roof systems experience greater climate control, reduced energy costs for heating and air conditioning, and are able to use lower rated heating and air conditioning units.

Solid Wall System_1

Our Solid "Tough-Wall" is available from stock in standard 3 and 5 metre lengths. A cost-effective wall cladding system offers a fast return on investment. Costing no more than 2€ times that of regular PVC Walls; while offering far greater life expectancy and security to the inside of your building.

Tough-Wall is made from UPVC, a widely recycled material. As standard, UPVC is produced in white or light-grey, and is flame retardant to both UL94 V2 and B.S 476 Class 1. Tough-Wall is a modular interlocking plank system, enabling any height of wall to be built in increments of 200mm.

Solid Wall System_2

Due to the cellular construction of the 40mm thick plank, we achieve a U-value of 2.29 W/m2/K. The thermal properties of the product can be increased to 1.005 W/m2/K by filling the chambers with a phenolic foam.

  • Simple ”double tongue and groove" push fit connection, stronger than single tongue & groove connections.
  • Light weight, 1.5 Kg/m2
  • Fast installation, approx. 1 min / sq.m
  • Available in any Colour (subject to minimum order)
  • Good Insulation
  • Recyclable
  • Reusable
  • Easily cut on site to suit doors and openings
  • Available with Window Panels

Project Showcase

Bespoke marquee structures

The Mill House Hotel

J & J Carter were contracted by Loddon Hotel Ltd., owners of The Mill House Hotel to replace their existing 38 year old marquee facility with a modern structure.

frame and fabric sports halls

Blackbrook Tennis Centre

Due to high demand for tennis facilities in the area, it was necessary to expand the centre by increasing the number of indoor courts without incurring the costs of traditional brick building.

Series 300 Alu-Hall

Series 300 Alu-Hall

J & J Carter manufactured and installed a Hampshire Structures Series 300 20m x 30m Aluminium Framed Pavilion on the Isle of Man, to be used as a Christmas Ice Rink.

Siemens Pavillon

Siemens Pavillon

Rear and Side Elevations have been clad using J & J Carter’s own 40mm thick UPVC modular walling system, with the Front Façade Glazed 4m high.