J & J Carter Ltd recognises the need for sustainable development and continually aims to improve the environmental effect of its activities.

To achieve this we will:

Establish responsible environmental management by:

  • Meeting or improving on relevant legislative, regulatory and environmental codes of practice.
  • Developing objectives that target environmental improvements and monitor performance by regular review.
  • Consider environmental issues in the decision making process.
  • Developing a relationship with suppliers and contractors so we all recognise our environmental responsibilities.
  • Educating our staff so that they carry out their activities in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Promoting an appreciation of the organisation’s environmental performance among customer, employees and the general public.

Provide for the effective use of resources by: 

  • Advising customers on the efficient use of energy and other utilities.
  • Promoting waste minimisation by recycling or finding sustainable uses for by-products whenever economically viable.
  • Promoting the efficient use of resources, energy and fuel throughout the organisation’s operations.
  • Provide information for the organisation’s products to be properly used, stored and disposed of so as to avoid unacceptable effects on the environment.

Co-operate with:

  • The communities in which we operate.
  • The government, regulatory bodies and other interested parties with the shared vision of being a good and trusted neighbour.

In addition to the above:

  • We source where possible locally and ethically manufactured raw materials.
  • Minimise processes and transportation.
  • Only use materials which can be recycled or reused at the end of their life.
  • We have an in-house recycling programme for all our raw materials.
  • We use electricity within our factory from renewable sources including our solar system.

J & J Carter Use Renewable Solar Energy

At J & J Carter, we are always looking for new ways to reduce our environmental impact. We recognise the importance of sustainable development and ensure our activities help minimise our carbon footprint.

A key area of our sustainable development includes the installation of solar panels on the roofs of our warehouse. We are working with Hive Energy, who are one of the UK’s recognised leading developers of solar energy on commercial rooftops and solar parks in order to further reduce our environmental impact.

Using the solar panels as a renewable energy source, we aim to minimise our CO2 emissions whilst saving energy and in the long term - money on our utilities. The solar panels we have had installed are all designed by Hive’s in-house team, who have over twenty five years of experience in solar engineering.

Our solar system delivers some 30% of the total energy consumed by the business. The balance supplied by United Gas and Power has been certified as coming from renewable sources.

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