Military Shelters and Covers

J & J Carter provide a range of military tent shelters and covers. These products and solutions offer a reliable form of compliant and safe shelter using the latest in shelter system technology.


J & J Carter manufacture and supply military covers and military shelters to the defence market. We supply a range of military products that are easily deployable, transportable and lightweight, all suitable for a range of different environments and climates. Our range of military covers and shelters include:  

Security & entrance canopies - We can provide you with high quality engineered clear span canopies for providing covered access control at entrance gates for a variety of facilities. Typical uses may include ID checks, vehicle inspection areas, and vehicle access control.

On base canopies – J & J Carter can provide engineered and secure canopies for weather protection and storage that are fast to deploy and long lasting in extreme environments.

Decontamination shelters – Our decontamination shelters incorporate a modular design to allow for changing situations and can be adapted to meet any specific requirements, using the highest-grade materials.

Exhibition canopies - J & J Carter can provide engineered structure solutions to enable suppliers to both Aviation and Military sectors display their products. These structures have been used at Farnborough International Air Show by BAE Systems.

Aircraft hangars - Our Aircraft Hangars are specifically engineered to withstand the most difficult weather climates and terrain, designed to meet the individual requirements of each client. We can tailor each hangar to ensure the most usable space, providing a reliable structure to accommodate all your aircraft storage and maintenance operations. 

Maintenance and storage buildings - Our adaptable aluminium framed warehouses offer protection for storage and maintenance operations, designed and engineered for quick erection and rapid deployment when needed.

Vehicle and container awnings - Our awnings are available in a range of different sizes to accommodate all types of military vehicles and containers, built with high quality, durable materials.

Rapid deployment shelters - Our bespoke range of shelters provides a reliable form of protection for the military. Our experienced team can ensure rapid deployment when necessary. We provide high quality, shelters that can be assembled for short-term or long-term use.

Liquid storage tanks - Our liquid storage tanks provide a wide variety of collapsible solutions for the military, ensuring that they are quick and easy to transport. These applications include drinking water, fuel, and many other liquids.


Our military covers and military shelters provide a range of benefits to suit your requirements. All of our coverings are approved by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).  Our military covers are manufactured with durable materials to suit all climatic conditions.

We understand that sometimes in the military, it is not always possible to take time to put up a military shelter or treatment centres. With full design and fast installation, our military covers and shelters are easily transported, quickly assembled and versatile in use. Our shelters and covers are designed for easy setup and quick breakdown, accommodating the dynamic needs of military operations. They are engineered to be lightweight yet durable, ensuring they can be moved rapidly between locations without sacrificing reliability or safety. This adaptability makes them ideal for various military scenarios, whether setting up a temporary command centre, housing equipment, or providing troop accommodations in different terrains and weather conditions.

At J & J Carter we have built a reputation for using the highest quality materials and components, with long life expectancy, capable of meeting all fire and safety regulations and suppliers with a manufacturer’s 10-year warranty. J & J Carter have an approved Factory Production Control management system to enable the CE Marking of all our products.


J & J Carter have designed, manufactured and supplied military covers and shelters worldwide for the military. Our products are engineered to be high quality, easily deployable and lightweight to ensure transportability.

We have provided military covers and shelters in:

  • Afghanistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Jordan
  • Russia
  • Austria

Contact J & J Carter for Military Shelters and Covers

If you’re looking for robust, reliable military shelter solutions that can be quickly deployed and adapted to a variety of settings, contact J & J Carter. Our expert team is ready to assist with any inquiries about our military shelters and covers, helping you find the perfect solution for your defence needs.

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