When it comes to outdoor events and temporary structures, marquee PVC is a top choice due to its durability and versatility. Choose J & J Carter for your replacement marquee covers and receive the quality you can depend on, season after season.

We take great pride in creating our marquee covers from premium grade Verseidag DURASKIN™ PVC. We believe that this PVC, combined with a range of unique product features are what set our products apart from the rest.

Discover more about the features that our customers love and how we deliver durable, high-quality marquee covers that can also offer effortless installation.

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Manufactured by Serge Ferrari, our premium grade Verseidag DURASKIN™ cloth is the unbeatable choice when it comes to creating covers for temporary event structures. It is also the  choice of architects and engineers when it comes to permanent fabric structures due to its exceptional quality. Verseidag PVC is durable, lightweight, flame retardant, resistant to creasing and delivers on a host of other key features: 

  • Low-wick technology to prevent water ingress and resulting mould.
  • Evenly coated both sides. This means no grainy 'golf ball' effect on the back-side which is prone to engrained dirt, staining and mould.
  • White stays white longer thanks to integrated, top-quality UV stabilisers.
  • Unique coating which enables easy cleaning and fast drying.
  • Every purchase comes with a 2-5 year warranty.
  • Warranties of 15 years are available on permanent structures.

Prefer an alternative cloth? No problem - we would be delighted to arrange this for you.


Purchasing with us will ensure you receive an excellent return on your investment. With the right care, we are confident that our covers will reliably perform for in excess of 10 years. So confident in fact, that every purchase comes with a 2-5 year warranty.

  • Premium Verseidag cloth (alternative PVC options available).
  • All roofs and gables shipped in a complimentary protective storage sack.
  • Plus all of the unique features below...


At J & J Carter, we aim to create the highest quality products, which will far outlast any alternative covers procured elsewhere. When our skilled team identify an opportunity to enhance a product feature, we make this happen at no extra cost. Through the design of a new custom welding tool, we have strengthened our toggles even further and also enhanced the finish by concealing the stitching. 

Every toggle and loop is individually reinforced using our own, specially designed application method. Utilising a combination of stitched and high-frequency welding techniques, you can expect superior durability and exceptional performance with a high-end look and finish.


To ensure you can achieve the maximum impact with effortless installation, we bullet every keder end for you as standard.

In addition, our larger profile marquee covers also come with our exceptional EasyGlide Teflon coated Keder. This high-performing Keder is sealed, which not only makes it waterproof and flame retardant, but also enables it glide effortlessly through your aluminium frame, all thanks to the special outer coating.


Using our own unique combination of stiched and high-frequency welding techniques, our zips are held securely in place with reinforced flaps. Not only does this provide an exceptional finish, but it also helps to reduce zip snagging, provides enhanced durability and maintains the integrity of the fabric.

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