Biogas - the Renewable Solution

J & J Carter are proud to be a part of the renewable energy solution with their very own biogas digester system.

Whilst solar and wind powered renewable energy sources are great, sometimes neither the sun or wind can be guaranteed, and this can lead to inconsistent energy levels or loss of power. With our biogas digesters, you can have your own source of renewable energy, whatever the weather.

Biogas – the Breakdown

Exactly what is biogas? Biogas is a fuel naturally produced from the decomposition of organic matter, such as agricultural waste and plant material. On farmlands where waste is available in excess, having a biogas system in place is a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to other energy solutions. When these components breakdown in an anaerobic environment (an environment without oxygen created within the biogas cover), a blend of gases are released consisting primarily of methane and carbon dioxide. The gas that remains can be used as an environmentally conscious, efficient source of energy to produce fuel, heating and generate electricity. So long as you have animal by-products and plant waste, you’ll have energy!

Space Conscious Solution

This may come as a surprise – our biogas digesters don’t need a large amount of space. Unlike solar and wind farms that require acres of precious land, for a large biogas plant all you need is a tennis court sized space – roughly 24 meters by 8 meters. Our expert team will work with you to build a system that works for you and your land.

Whatever the Weather

Our biogas digesters are fast and easy to install and can be managed off grid, ideal for remote locations deep in the British countryside. The external cover is weatherproof and can withstand extreme weather conditions from high winds and heavy snow – perfect for the unpredictable UK weather!

Recover and Reuse

Biogas generation recovers waste that would typical end up at landfill and prevents the toxic use of chemicals in sewage treatment plants. By treating waste on-site and repurposing it as a sustainable source of energy you’ll also be saving money. After the biogas has been created, the left over product can be used as an organic fertiliser, giving back to the land that the waste originally came from.

Advantages of Biogas Digesters

Eco-friendly, low-cost and sustainable – surely it couldn’t get any better? With J & J Carter you’ll get a biogas digester which will benefit you in many ways.

· PVC membrane to prevent odour

· Flexible structure that’s easy to install

· Low capital and installation costs

· Encourages a circular economy

· Reduces soil and water pollution

· Safely captures and uses methane

Discover Biogas for Yourself

J & J Carter offer an all-in-one service, from manufacturing to maintenance, we work hard to offer a complete solution for your renewable energy needs. Get in touch with a knowledgeable member of our team or look at our biogas digester page for more information.

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