Celebrate Sustainability with J & J Carter

J & J Carter recognises the importance of sustainable solutions for businesses and we continuously aim to develop innovative products whilst reducing our environmental impact.

We can proudly say that all our products are manufactured with the environment in mind – whether that’s our locally sourced raw materials, our in-house recycling scheme or the products we design and install for local businesses, such as our biogas digester systems. 

Our Biogas Digester Systems

A biogas digester system cultivates biogas – a naturally derived fuel produced by the decomposition of organic agricultural waste and plant material. The process of this decomposition is called anaerobic digestion and occurs when there is the absence of oxygen.

There are many benefits to installing an anaerobic digester:

  • Diversifies farm income
  • Boosts rural economy
  • Environmentally friendly source of energy
  • Reduces water and soil pollution
  • Generation of organic fertiliser

Our biogas storage systems are low-cost, long-life solutions that can be installed quickly and easily to minimise disruption to your daily operations. Biogas digester systems are ideal for remote locations as they can be run off-grid and require little maintenance – even in the most extreme British weather conditions!

Our Eco-Friendly Promise

J & J Carter will continue to be mindful of our environmental impact by using ethically sourced materials and minimising processes and transportation where possible.

Our in-house UK recycling program means we reuse or recycle materials and our factory electricity is powered from renewable sources, such as our solar power system.

Your Sustainable Solution

Whether you want to know more about our eco-friendly mission or have questions on how we can help with a sustainable solution, please get in touch.

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