Choosing a Tent for Your Event

With event season now in full swing, it provides the opportunity to experience a range of outdoor events and structures. From festivals, to weddings, to sporting events the right tent is key to making your event extra special!

Whether you are looking for added protection from the rain or sun, or if you require a lighter structure that is easily transportable – tents can be suited for all types of events. 

If you are considering an event structure for your upcoming summer occasion or looking in advance of next year, make sure the tent you choose is best suited to your requirements.

We’ve listed 6 tips to help you decide:

1. Consider your event space and location

Your space and location will be a big factor in deciding which event tent is the perfect fit for you. You will need to allow for at least 10 feet around the perimeter of the tent to ensure that guests can move freely in and out of the structure.

Have you considered location? Is the ground suitable to withstand a structure along with wear and tear from guests? Will the venue allow for staking in the ground?

It is key to ensure that the ground is suitable for securing the tent in the form of weights, water barrels or stakes. Be aware of where underground piping or sewer lines run so that the stakes don’t disrupt them.

 2. Don’t get caught out by the elements

We are all too familiar with the unpredictability of the weather – with it changing course at the most inappropriate times. Don’t let this be a hindrance on your day, by ensuring your tent can adapt for the extremes of the weather…

Could your tent accommodate all of your guests if needed? Do you need tent walls to ensure you are protected against the elements?

Depending on the severity of the weather, you can determine how much or how little sidewall you want to put up, enclosing your tent from the elements or opening it up to let the sun shine through! 

3. Ensure your venue is accessible

It is vital to ensure that your event location has access points that are available to all suppliers with heavy equipment, tables and chairs etc. This will help avoid any additional labour costs.

Don’t forget to check with your venue to guarantee that you can provide adequate parking for all guests and suppliers. This is not something that you will want to think about the morning of your event!

4. Keep it loud and legal

In most cities and towns there will be noise restrictions after a certain hour to ensure the wellbeing of nearby residents in the area. In an open space, it is easy for noise to travel – this is one thing to check out and make considerations beforehand. This will eliminate disruption for any close residents and to your event!

5. No event is complete without power

Remember – lights, DJ equipment and food heating plates all require electricity. Can your venue provide electricity for your event? Is this easily accessible and does it follow correct safety measures?  Power is something that many do not think is an issue… until it is too late! 

6. Add the finishing touches

Tents come as a blank canvas, with the opportunity to produce a structure bespoke to your requirements and vision. Particularly when it comes to ceiling décor, lighting can help illuminate the structure to add a clean and elegant feel.

Have a few décor ideas in mind beforehand to put the finishing touches on your tent ready for your event!

Still Unsure?

If you would like any more information about finding the perfect event structure to meet your requirements. Please contact J & J Carter today!

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