First Commercial FARM250 AD System Project

J & J Carter, in Partnership with Bioplex, Launch Revolutionary FARM250 AD System for Anaerobic Digestion.

It has been an exciting month, with the first commercial sale of the innovative FARM250 Anaerobic Digester (AD) System to a farm in Derbyshire. The FARM250 AD System is a joint venture between Bioplex and J & J Carter; we saw an opportunity for better processing of manures, crops and natural waste products to speed up digestion times and reduce anaerobic digestion plant size and footprint.

Bioplex are experts in the anaerobic and composting techniques for agricultural and food wastes and developed the pre-digestion process. J & J Carter, manufacturers of tensile fabric systems, applied our expertise in this field to design and build the FARM250 structure. Together, we created the unique and globally patented FARM250 that can be used as an add-on, to enhance conventional farm anaerobic digesters, or as a complete system, impressively reducing processing times to only a few days.

Robert Carter, Managing Director of J & J Carter says, “Finding environmentally friendly ways to power the planet is obviously very high on everyone’s agenda and we are proud to have developed a proven method for successfully simplifying and speeding up the conversion of natural waste into reusable energy.”

The modular FARM250 system was rigorously researched and tested for over 3 years at a biogas plant at Windover Farm. It is odourless, clean, and compact, with additional benefits including the ability to significantly reduce ammonia and sulphur emissions during typical farming operations, enabling pasteurisation with pathogens, offering parasite and weed seed control, and delivering carbon sequestration.

The new facility, at Home Farm in Derbyshire, will convert 2,500 tonnes of agricultural farm and organic waste into around 40 kW of clean, renewable energy annually. Side products, such as fermenate and biogas, also offer ‘green’ advantages - fermenate is environmentally and politically attractive, in that it replaces peat and petrochemical based fertilisers for growing crops, and electricity produced from biogas can be connected to the national grid.

Farm250 Anaerobic Digester

For more information on the FARM250 AD System please click here or visit Alternatively call 01264 721630 to speak to the friendly team at J & J Carter.

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