Keep Your Tensile Structure in Tip-Top Shape this Winter

To keep your tensile structure in tip-top shape, cleaning and maintenance are vital to ensure its longevity. Tensile fabric structures should undergo regular inspection and maintenance, which is also required by some building warranties. While all J&J Carter’s structures are built to last, extreme weather conditions and accidents mean they will need servicing over time.

Clean Regularly

The optimum maintenance and cleaning frequency depends on a number of different factors, such as the form of the structure, and the location relative to dirt/debris sources, such as trees for exterior structures and air conditioning ducts for interior structures. As a general guideline, we recommend that the tensile structures should be cleaned, and have maintenance checks conducted annually. As we enter the Winter months it is the perfect time to clean and protect your tensile structure, as prevention for what the winter months will throw at them.

Structure Inspections

Your fabric structure should undergo a visual safety examination once a year on both the top and underside, as well as after any extreme weather.

In addition to inspecting the fabric, ensure that all supporting components are checked for stability and integrity. Check all boundary cables, tie-back cables, tie rods, pins, and fabric to structure connections. This will also enable you to check for vandalism, excessive fatigue, and other external damage. Photographing at this stage is always recommended to document any issues or concerns.

Time to Upgrade?

Perhaps your canopy has reached the end of its life cycle, or you are considering expanding your structure. While J&J Carter’s structures are designed and engineered to take everything the British weather can throw at them, without proper maintenance they may become unsafe or damaged, or they may not perform as well as they did when first installed. Contact our friendly team today for more information and support on how to look after your tensile structure or to arrange a consultation for a new tensile structure.

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