Reduce Your Events Carbon Footprint with the KUBE

The focus on sustainability in the event industry has been a topic of conversation for the past couple of years and continues to increase. Attendees have become more concerned about the impact brands and events have on the earth, and over the past year have gained a greater awareness and understanding of sustainability. 73% of UK consumers say they want to be more sustainable in 2022 and want to see businesses recognise and be accountable for the impact of their activities. The KUBE, designed and manufactured by J & J Carter, is a temporary event structure that offers a sustainable solution for businesses. Choosing the KUBE businesses can demonstrate that they are leading the way in terms of sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Environmental Impact

The events industry is a major source of carbon in the environment. Not only do events contribute to emissions through the catering, lighting and heating of event spaces, but associated emissions, such as travel to and from an event, can add up to hundreds of tonnes in carbon dioxide in a short period of time.

KUBE is engineered to not only meet all relevant legislative, regulatory and environmental codes of practice but exceeds to help minimise energy consumption through its series of technical materials. The wall system of the KUBE is made of solid UPVC, with the option of adding a combination of glazing systems, such as windows, double opening doors, and bi-folding windows.

The KUBE is fully relocatable and reusable, and our professional and knowledgeable team can build your structure, ready for fit-out, in just two days. The KUBE won’t scar the landscape and can be used numerous times in numerous locations, making trade shows and exhibition season easier to manage, as well as lowering energy consumption over the course of your event calendar.

Re-use and Recycle

Here at J & J Carter, we recognise the importance of sustainable business practices and actively ensure that all our "end of life" PVC membranes are properly disposed of. The membrane is ground down into small pellets and sent off to be used in the production of products, like road cones and pallets. Whenever feasible, we also source all our materials from local and ethical producers. We only utilise materials that can be reused or recycled further, and source renewable energy where possible, including installing our own solar panels.

Made by J & J Carter

We continue to be at the forefront of this environmental issue and push boundaries that encourage our clients to put sustainability at the top of their list. If you’ve been thinking of being proactive about making your events more sustainable, get in touch with our specialist team to discuss your business and event needs. As KUBE is a fully customisable structure, it can be built bespoke to your individual specifications, anything is possible with KUBE.

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