Fabric Canopies

At J & J Carter we have a range of fabric canopies to suit all requirements including tensile fabric canopies, roofs and structures. These all add character, dimension and colour to any area - making a bold statement and increasing the functionality of the area throughout the day and into the night.

It can become a daunting task when confronted with a range of fabric canopies to choose from. To help, we have put together a profile of our top fabric canopies to help you to make the perfect decision based on your requirements!


Number one on our list is interior tensile sail canopies. These can be engineered and designed using both mesh and fabric to create any style, suiting all requirements – offering a cost-effective and simple design.

Our interior sail fabric canopies are beautiful and offer a refined, yet highly effective solution to control heat and glare in commercial settings. Furthermore, this strong aerated textile is corrosion-proof and easy to maintain.

Interior Tensile Sail Uses: 

  • Atriums
  • Sun and heat screens


Without the cost of design engineering, our shade sail fabric canopies are high-quality and provide excellent shade protection while being an economical alternative to our tensile sail canopies.

Shade fabric canopies are the perfect solution for schools, restaurants, theatres, hotels and more! Our durable shade fabric canopies come with a 5-year warranty as standard and can be digitally branded to create a bespoke structure. 

Membrane Lite Canopy Uses: 

  • Meeting points
  • Entrances
  • Car parking shades
  • Smoking areas
  • Covered seating areas


Our structures use the highest quality materials, providing a beautiful and durable structure.

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If you would like more information or advice on our Interior Tensile Sails Membrane or Lite Canopies please contact us on 01264 721630 or complete our enquiry form. Our expert team is always here to help!