Transform Sports Facilities with Tensile Fabric Structure Systems

At J & J Carter, we provide innovative, indoor sports facilities that offer cost-effective and durable solutions for sports complexes, training centres and athletic buildings. Utilising years of experience, our team provides exceptional, clear-span structures that are energy-efficient and deliver a high return on investment.

What Are Tensile Sports Halls?

Tensile sports halls are modern architectural solutions that use tensioned fabric membranes to create vast, open spaces perfect for indoor sports. Imagine a spacious structure with a soft, roof-like membrane. This self-supporting marvel uses gentle air pressure, keeping occupants blissfully unaware. These inflatable halls are perfect for a variety of uses. From sports facilities like tennis courts, pools and hockey rinks to industrial applications, like warehouses and storage, they can be customised to fit almost any shape or layout.

This design allows for innovative shapes and forms, enhanced natural light and resistance to extreme weather conditions. Tensile sports halls typically include high-strength cables and anchors, combined with fabric that spans large distances without internal supports, maximising usable indoor area.

The Architecture of Tensile Structures

Tensile architecture structures are characterised by the ability to curve and swoop in ways that traditional materials are not able to. The flexibility of the fabric and the strength of the support system allow for dynamic shapes and designs that are eye-catching and functional. These structures are ideal for sports halls where large, unobstructed spaces are required for athletic activities.

Benefits of Tensile Sports Halls

Enhanced Natural Lighting: The translucent properties of the fabric reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day, creating a more pleasant and natural environment for sports activities. This not only improves the experience for athletes and spectators but also cuts down on energy costs.

Weather Resistance and Durability: Designed to withstand severe weather conditions, from heavy snow loads to high winds, tensile sports halls offer a durable alternative to traditional construction methods. The resilience of these materials ensures a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs over time.

Constructing a Tensile Sports Hall

The construction of a tensile sports hall involves several key steps from design to completion, including site selection, engineering, fabrication of the membrane, and installation. Each phase requires precise coordination among a diverse team of professionals to ensure the final structure meets aesthetic standards and complies with all safety regulations.

For our fabric sports structures, we choose strong steel frames. This allows us to create buildings with wider open spaces than aluminium frames could handle. Steel also lets us add features like heavy-duty cranes, climate control systems and bright lights.

Types of Sports Domes

Our sports domes can be either temporary or permanent and are available in two main types: air-supported and frame-fabric structures.

Air-Supported Sports Halls (Air Domes): Air-supported sports halls feature continuous, soft roof membranes supported by air pressure within a fully enclosed space. These structures are versatile and suitable for recreational applications, like tennis courts, swimming pools, and hockey arenas, as well as industrial uses such as warehouses and bulk storage. One key benefit is that they are fully relocatable and can be customised to fit virtually any shape and floor plan.

Frame-Fabric Sports Structures: Our frame-fabric sports structures only use the best materials such as steel for framing, allowing for greater spans and the incorporation of additional loads like internal gantry cranes, HVAC systems, and lighting. These buildings are clad with PVC-coated polyester, which includes a special top lacquer to inhibit atmospheric dirt, ensuring a long-lasting investment. Typical applications include sports domes, football practice grounds, warehouses, and production halls.

Transform Your Sports Facilities with Tensile Sports Halls by J & J Carter

Tensile sports halls represent a significant advancement in indoor sports facility design. With numerous benefits and modern appeal, they offer an exciting alternative to traditional structures, promising to reshape sports architecture.

Enhance your sports and recreational facilities with tensile sports halls by J & J Carter. Our structures provide exceptional durability, energy efficiency and customisation options, ensuring maximum return on investment. Whether for temporary or permanent use, our air-supported and frame-fabric structures offer the flexibility and performance you need.

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