Tasker Millward School

Case Study Info

Location United Kingdom
Industry Sport
Materials PVC/PES
Structures Air Supported
Roof Forms Barrel Vault

Sadly the original air dome collapsed due to a combination of vandalism and lack of maintenance and was rendered irrepairable. Up to that point it had been a key facility for the school, so the quick manufacture and installation of a new dome was imperative to the day-to-day running of the school.

As no drawings existed of the critical details, J & J Carter undertook a site survey, measured and drew up everything from scratch including updating some of the details.

As a specialist contractor, J & J Carter were able to design, manufacture and install a sustainable replacement membrane within a short time frame. Starting with the site survey, J & J Carter took full design responsibility. Due to the sheer size of the dome, it was fabricated off-site in manageable sections with each section site jointed to its neighbouring section with a mechanical joint. The total weight of the membrane was 6.5 tonnes, which had to be inflated to the required pre-stress and form.