The Malls

Case Study Info

Location United Kingdom
Industry Retail
Materials PVC/PES
Structures Frame Supported
Roof Forms Barrel Vault

The Basingstoke improvement works included the installation of a clear roof canopy and removing heavy over-hanging concrete canopies.

It was essential that the façades were given a modern covering, in particular the gateway from the train station to the Basingstoke Town Council, to provide a welcoming entrance linking the station to the town.

J & J Carter manufactured and installed a Landmark Gateway Entrance Canopy, conceived by Saunders Architects, after appointment by Main Contractor Wates. The Tensile Fabric Structure covers the 403m2 entrance, is 58m clear-span in it’s breadth and supported by two 406mm dia. masts and two 355 dia. curved outriggers. The entire steel frame was erected to within 5mm of tolerance. Lighting has been integrated to the underside membrane, which required meticulous setting out and patterning as this was critical to ensure correct location of the lights.