Different Keder Applications

Keders are often used in fabric structures, tents, clearspan structures, temporary buildings, temporary roofs, agricultural environments and scaffold covers. Keders are often used to attach awnings to buildings, camping vehicles and boats, as well as on sailboats to attach sails to spars.

Tent Keder

J & J Carter's Tent Keder is a practical product with a straightforward function. Used as an attachment mechanism, it connects the PVC sheeting to a rail or tented structure. It can be used on all major clearspan structures from as small as 2m wide to as big as 80m wide.

Keder for Banners and Signage 

Keder is increasingly used in the soft signage, banner and printing industries to mount large format printing onto aluminium frame systems on walls, billboards and free-standing displays. 

Keder is attached to fabric to create a continuous waterproof connection between fabric and frame. Keder gives the banner remarkable strength and ease of fitting, allowing you to lock soft signage and banners into place. This system creates a tight, strong and sleek finished look. It is also versatile as it enables you to switch out the graphics repeatedly, without having to replace the frame.

Print Keder and Flat Bar Keder are in stock and ready for prompt despatch. Available in white or black, our fabric Print Keder is 9mm Double Flap and our Flat Bar Keder is 23x3mm.

Awning Keder

Our Keder Awning is made of a lightweight 7x7 construction Keder fabric.

It's commonly seen on caravans, shop awnings and canopies, banners, and billboards. For these applications, a 4mm-9mm Keder in either black or white fabric is typically used.

Sailing Keder 

J & J Carter debuted a new line of fully welded sailing keder, also known as luff tape, in 2012. These luff tapes outperform traditional sewn luff tapes in terms of quality and come in two styles: single-core and twin-core. The tape is made of 1100 dtex high-tenacity polyester with a PVC coating on the inside of the flaps. This specially designed weave style provides superior low-friction sliding in the luff track, reducing luff wear. High-frequency welding systems are used to create all seams and pinch welds. This system ensures consistent weld performance throughout the roll. The primary cores are constructed from a specially designed hard-laid polyester rope with low elongation.

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