Top Advantages of a Fabric Industrial Structure over Traditional Buildings

J & J Carter design and manufacture high-quality, relocatable and permanent fabric membrane industrial structures, hangars and shelters that meet any requirement. Ideal for manufacturing or warehousing facilities, our fabric structures provide an alternative to traditional wood or steel buildings.

We have compiled the top 6 advantages of having a fabric industrial structure over a conventional structure:

1. Energy Efficiency

Our innovative tension fabric buildings offer natural temperature regulation, solar reflectance, and thermal emittance, which means less heating and cooling methods needed inside the building. Also, unlike a steel structure, the roofs of fabric buildings offer a choice in varying degrees of translucency, allowing a higher degree of natural light and a reduction in electrical costs.  

2. Decreased Construction Times

Using J & J Carter’s experience and expert manufacturing techniques, our manufacturing and installation process, including pre-fabricated elements, often leads to a shorter construction time over traditional steel or wood buildings. By saving time, your fabric industrial structure, such as a warehouse or loading bay, may lead to a shortened downtime and faster return on investment. 

3. Versatility

The modular, aluminium or steel clearspan frame structure we design and manufacture, creates highly versatile and customisable industrial structures. This will allow you to create a structure to fit any of your requirements. For example, you can choose between multiple door options to suit a variety of requirements depending on your operational needs. Or, add a modular thermal roof system for greater insulation, keeping your structure warmer in the winter months.

4. Ideal for Corrosive Environments

Traditional steel buildings are often impacted by corrosion from materials such as road salt and fertilizer, to environments like marinas and ports. In comparison, a fabric industrial structure is created to withstand difficult environmental and corrosive conditions. View our case study on a salt storage barn we designed, manufactured and installed for Rochdale Council here.

5. Low Maintenance

Our high-quality fabric membrane materials and aluminium or steel frames deliver exceptional durability, making a fabric industrial structure a more economical option. Fabric covered clearspan buildings require much less maintenance than traditional buildings and withstand wind and snow loads to British Standards 6399.

6. Relocatability

Fabric structures offer the unique advantage of being relocatable. This means they can be moved from site to site without loss of any component requiring re-manufacture. Simply dismantle, un-bolt the base plates and transport to it's new home.

Why Choose J & J Carter for your industrial structure?

We are experts in tensile fabric architecture. We design, manufacture and install high-quality, durable and cost-effective industrial structures for a variety of useful applications. We have 30 years of experience in the business and offer a 15-year warranty. Our industrial structures are built to the highest specifications and are always code compliant. Contact our dedicated and friendly team for a hassle-free quote today.


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