Want to Create a Contemporary Fabric Structure?

When investing in a tensile fabric structure, many opt for a traditional design that’s been re-created time and time again. However, the structure’s form and the use of light and colour can be more versatile than you might think; they can all be manipulated to produce a unique design that makes people stop and admire. After all, why would you settle for anything less than spectacular?

Don’t Follow the Form Norm

Don’t let the norm hold you back when it comes to considering shape and form. The fabrics used to create tensile architecture are lightweight and flexible, allowing the structure to take on an agile and dynamic design. For an example, take a look at the tensile canopy J & J Carter manufactured and installed at the New Watford Market. We also designed the impressive fabric façade in place at Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal Interchange, a structure that adds a stylish touch when welcoming passengers from abroad.

Make the Most of Light

When it comes to drawing light into a building, many architects turn to glass. However, this often results in an overheated area and impractical glare from the sun. As an alternative, why not utilise tensile architecture? Fabrics like PVC coated polyester enable light to diffuse and permeate through them, allowing for a much gentler effect. This was the goal of a project J & J Carter undertook at Warner Bros. Studio Tour. The tensile fabric roof membrane we installed offers 38% light transmission, has a life span of 25 years and is also recyclable!

Furthermore, as part of the London Design Festival, we manufactured and built the membrane roof for an arched greenhouse known as the Hothouse. The purpose of the installation is to highlight the impact of climate change, with its clear walls allowing people to look inside when lit up at night.

Keep it Colourful

Although lighter shades are the most popular choice for classic tensile fabric structures, it would be a shame to overlook the incredible impact that can be achieved when we play with colour. Whether it’s used to capture the imagination of children at school, or to create a magical woodland hideaway, the design options and results that can be accomplished with colour are endless. Colour options aren’t limited to the tensile fabric – why not also consider going bold with your structure frame, perhaps to compliment your branding.

Need Expert Advice?

If you have an area that you’re keen to incorporate as part of your tensile architecture project, but aren’t sure how to go about it, contact a member of our design team. They have extensive experience in working out what shape and form is best suited to complex fabric structure integrations. Similarly, they can explain the different architectural methods and techniques used to bring your project to life with light and colour. Discuss your tensile fabric structure ideas with J & J Carter today!

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