Sustainably Made Solid Wall Solutions

06 Jun 24

J & J Carter are thrilled to announce our new partnership with VEKA Recycling, introducing sustainably made solid wall solutions for marquee and event structures.

Leading Sustainable Practices with VEKA Recycling

VEKA Recycling leads the industry in recycling 'end of life' uPVC windows and doors, collaborating with window fabricators, installers, and waste management companies across the UK. Their innovative recycling process allows uPVC material to be recycled up to ten times, ensuring that valuable resources are not lost to incineration or landfill. This makes uPVC one of the most sustainable products available in the building, home improvement, and events industries.

Traditionally, VEKA Recycling extrudes recycled material into new windows and door frames. However, in alignment with our commitment to sustainable development, J & J Carter has partnered with VEKA Recycling to manufacture an exciting new product.

Introducing Our Recycled Solid Wall Solution

We are proud to introduce our recycled hard wall solution, made entirely from recycled uPVC. This 40mm thick insulated solid walling is meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with marquees and broader event structures, available in both white and grey options. 

Following a rigorous inspection at J & J Carter, we are pleased to confirm that the clarity and colour consistency of our recycled hard walling is exceptional, with no visible imperfections. Furthermore, testing has demonstrated that our recycled product surpasses its virgin-grade counterpart in strength, ensuring greater durability.

Choose Sustainability, Gain Durability

By choosing our recycled solid wall solutions, your business not only opts for a sustainably created product but also contributes to environmental preservation and a reduced carbon footprint. Pairing our recycled solid walls with our insulated roof coverings significantly enhances the sustainability of any event structure. 

Ready to Make a Difference?

Discover how our sustainable solid wall systems can revolutionise your events. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a consultation. Join us in building a greener future.


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