Which Type of Fabric Architecture is Right for You?

With summer fast approaching, the thought of enjoying blue skies and warm temperatures becomes more and more exciting. However, we know all too well that in Britain, summer doesn’t necessarily guarantee beautiful weather. In fact, more often than not, it’s quite the opposite!

Whether you run a retail park or are someone who likes to host garden parties all-year-round, having a way of protecting yourself and others from the elements is of great importance. Read on to discover the different types of fabric architecture and how they provide a solution that stands the test of time.

Tensile Canopies

Perhaps the best-known example of fabric architecture is the tensile canopy. By tensioning a membrane structure with mechanical systems, a 3D roof canopy forms which can be used to cover areas of more than 4,000m². The PVC membrane material is light enough to make it easy to transport, but robust and durable enough to withstand 30+ years of temperamental weather conditions. J & J Carter have over three decades worth of experience in tensile structure design and installation for clients in a variety of industries. Discover the six-storey high tensile canopy we built for Sunderland AFC known as The Beacon of Light.

Interior Tensile Sails

The technology used to create roof canopies was later adapted to produce interior tensile sails. Whilst these aren’t designed to keep the rain, wind or snow at bay, J & J Carter’s tensile sails are still made from materials of the highest quality. The fabric we use is non-combustible, strong and corrosion resistant. Furthermore, its flexibility allows it to be installed on vaulted, inclined, horizontal and curved surfaces. However, what makes interior tensile sails stand out from other fabric architecture is their intricate design, which brings a modern touch to spaces such as shopping centres and schools. Take a look at the tensile sail we installed at Victoria Square, Belfast.

Membrane Lite Canopies

Membrane lite canopies are a fabric structure popular amongst businesses such as hotels, bars, theatres and schools. They provide shelter from the rain and refuge from intense sunlight, but are smaller compared to the tensile canopies mentioned above. This makes them ideal for covering areas like the rooftop terrace of The Sands Resort in Scarborough. All J & J Carter’s membrane lite canopies are pre-engineered and can be customised to include your branding.

Residential Fabric Structures

The phrase ‘fabric structure’ usually evokes ideas of expensive, large-scale installations. However, it also refers to the PVC membranes used on much smaller projects to create residential gazebos, tents, and marquees. Whether it’s for your patio or hot tub area, these structures are manufactured by J & J Carter at an affordable price and are guaranteed to impress guests at your next garden party. Despite being relatively small, they are no less mighty, and can withstand temperatures from -30° to +70° and winds of up to 90mph. See our gallery of residential fabric structures.

Here to Help

If you’re thinking of adding some fabric architecture to your business or home, J & J Carter are here to help. We have the expertise to design and manufacture bespoke solutions specific to your individual requirements and provide an efficient installation service. Contact us today to discuss your next piece of fabric architecture.

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