Bio-Gas Membrane

PVC Tank Covers for the storage of Bio-Gas 

Bio-Gas is a mixture of Carbon Dioxide and Methane and forms where organic material decomposes. By feeding a constant supply of organic material such as grass, sunflowers, sugar beet and manure into a digester it can be completely broken down. The gas that remains can be used to produce fuel, heating and generate electricity. Bio-Gas Plants use this natural process of fermentation on a large scale. 

Our covers are used to store this Bio-Gas and so they are a large contributor to renewable energy. There are many benefits of this product as opposed to a steel roof or bell structure: 

  • Easy to erect
  • Replaceable
  • Low capitol outlay
  • Flexible construction
  • Sustainable
  • Economical
  • Long service life
  • Gas tight
  • Safe
  • Prevents odour
  • Can withstand external loading of wind, rain and snow typical of the UK.

We can quote for your specific requirements and supply all necessary installation pumps and valves to ensure maximum methane output. We offer single or double layer covers. The latter enables a stronger and sturdier cover.

Lochhead Power Station

Lochhead Power Station

Celtic Bio energy are a supplier of proven cutting edge technology in the field of renewable biogas production.

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BDR Biofilter

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