Biogas Storage System at Windover Farm

J & J Carter were contracted to design, manufacture and install a PVC membrane cover for an anaerobic digester used to produce biogas at Windover Farm in Hampshire. 

Anaerobic digestion is the natural process in which microorganisms break down organic matter in the absence of air (an anaerobic environment). Anaerobic digestion creates usable products such as biogas and digested material. The PVC membrane cover at Windover Farm is used to store biogas, a universal source of renewable energy. 

Anaerobic digestors recover waste materials that would otherwise fill landfills, such as farm and horse stable manure, grass and other energy crops, and, food and catering wastes. Producing biogas prevents the toxic use of chemicals in sewage treatment plants and saves the farm energy, materials and lowers cost by treating waste on-site. 

Our double membrane gas holder can withstand external loading of wind, rain and snow typical to the UK. Textile biogas covers can be built to a variety of dimensions and the tank diameter does not pose any limitations as to the choice of a suitable biogas cover. 

Customer testimonial: "J & J Carter's biogas membrane covers are fit for purpose. Rob and his team provide quality materials and manufacturing to ensure they're long-lasting and durable." - Chris Reynell.

Key Facts

Location: United Kingdom
Structures: Air Supported, Tension Structure
Industry: Environmental Solution
Roof Forms: Dome

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