Environmental Solutions

Flood Barrier, Water and Biogas Storage

Environmental Solutions

J & J Carter have been developing their Environmental Division by finding ecological solutions to environmental problems and requirements. 

Drawing on our extensive experience of high tensile structures, we have developed various products to serve a practical yet important function.

Our Eco-Dam is a recyclable and reusable flood protection barrier to be used as an alternative to less environmentally friendly defences such as sandbags. Similarly, we produce Biogas Membranes with state of the art features to aid the production of Biogas. Biogas is an environmentally-friendly sustainable energy source that can be used for heating and electricity.

Our Environmental Solutions include: 

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The Eco-Dam is a Reusable, Water-Filled Flood Barrier/Cofferdam.

Using Computer-Controlled High-Frequency Welding Techniques, the Eco-Dam is fabricated from high tensile European produced PVC. 

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Our Eco-Tanks are pillow tanks for flexible and economic water storage. 

They are a safe and easy solution to store and transport liquid. By using state of the art materials and manufacturing, they can store anything from alcohol to harmful chemicals.


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Biogas Membranes

PVC Tank Covers for the storage of Biogas. 

Our covers are used to store Biogas and they are a large contributor to renewable energy. There are many benefits of this product as opposed to a steel roof or bell structure.

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Odour Control Covers

Engineered Tank Covers providing Odour Control for Waste Water and Sewerage Treatment Works.

Our Odour Control Covers are completely air and gas tight. They are retractable for inspection and are designed to withstand the elements. 

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