J & J Carter design and manufacture a range of environmental solutions including flood prevention, water storage, biogas membrane systems and odour control covers for wastewater. 

We believe in finding ecological solutions to environmental problems and requirements. Our extensive experience in producing tensile structures using specialist welding techniques ensures integrity and quality in all our environmental solutions.

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Our Eco-Dam is a reusable, water-filled flood barrier, otherwise known as a water-inflated cofferdam.

Using computer-controlled, high-frequency welding techniques the Eco-Dam is fabricated from high tensile European produced PVC to provide long-lasting environmental solutions.

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Biogas Tank Membranes

PVC tank covers for the storage of biogas. 

J & J Carter's Biogas Tank Membranes are covers used to store Biogas. They are a large contributor to renewable energy with many benefits, as opposed to a steel roof or bell structure.

The benefits of Biogas Storage Systems

Odour Control Covers

Engineered Tank Covers providing odour control for wastewater and sewerage treatment works.

J & J Carter's Odour Control Covers are completely air and gas-tight. They are retractable for inspection and are designed to withstand harsh elements. 

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